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Expanded business area: Plockmatic Industrial

Expanded business area: Plockmatic Industrial

During 2017 a new business unit was created called Plockmatic Industrial led by Tommy Segelberg and Mikael Bryske.

This business unit is will work independently from the other units in order to help our customers capture business opportunities in the higher print production segment that has been outside the scope for our existing products and solutions.

The industrial digital print segment is developing fast with a good outlook for a healthy potential.

Finishing products and solutions will be provided to our existing customer groups mainly utilizing technical alliances with independent manufactures. Those solutions will be customized by the to adopt to special requirements to fit in enabling workflow enhancements. The solutions will ie be high capacity stacking, sealing for mailing applications, perforation, cutting and other finishing operations helping our customers to optimize print production productivity.

Tommy Segelberg

Stockholm, August 30th 2017