Spine Master

The SpineMaster produces a highquality, SquareBack spine on booklets.

The SpineMaster gives added value and it is faster, more convenient and cheaper than perfect binding. While traditional booklet making achieves a satisfactory result on thin booklets, the more sheets you use, the more the book will “gape” at the spine. The SpineMaster re-forms the spine into a square shape to produce a long lasting, high quality finish.

The SpineMaster fits after the trimmer units and the unique SquareBack process ensures that no additional trimming is required. After processing, the SquareBack booklets are delivered into a stacking hopper on the top of the unit, where they are easily removed by the operator. If required, booklets can bypass the SquareBack process and are delivered directly to the hopper. Similarly, individual booklets can be hand fed into the unit if required.

Data Sheet

Key Features

• SquareBack™ booklets have a professional appearance
• Sheets are securely fastened, with no risk of loose sheets
• Booklets open flat without damaging the spine
• Flat booklets are easier to handle and stack
• Bulk is reduced by about 30%
• The booklet spine can be printed
• High quality finish offers added value
• Can handle booklets that are too thin for perfect binding