Plockmatic 500-m and 350-m

Plockmatic PBM500-m and PBM350-m

The Plockmatic 500-m and 350-m is a modular inline booklet making solution for centralized reproduction departments and commercial print providers – large and small. Customers can choose from a range of cost-effective options to support their application requirements. The system is packed with a host of unique technologies that deliver finished books with quality to match today’s high-end printing systems.

Customers are demanding more media versatility from digital print. The Plockmatic 500-m/350-m is designed from the ground up to work with today’s coated, uncoated and textured paper stocks.

Plockmatic works closely with print engine manufacturers and workflow partners to ensure the closest possible integration of the booklet making system. This supports ease of use and allows operators of
different skill levels to get the most out of the entire printing system.

For everyone to use.

We fitted the Plockmatic PBM500-m and PBM350-m with our latest touch screen with the option of step-by-step guidance. Getting professional results using all the system’s features has never been easier.

Production speed to the low-volume segment.

Plockmatic booklet makers takes the mid-range print finishing to a new level of performance. A system coupled with the Plockmatic RCT module enables sheets to be printed in both a long and short edge orientation. This maximizes productivity and takes full advantage of the print engine’s potential.

Full bleed booklets. Free of manual trimming steps.

With the optional RCT Rotate Crease Trim module available for the Ricoh Pro-series, production of full bleed, trimmed, creased booklets are possible.

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Booklet Maker

Maintain engine speed*
*Actual speed depends on number of sheets per booklet
Standard paper sizes
A4, A3, B4, 8.5x11”, 8.5x14”, 9x12”, 11x17”, 12x18”, SRA4, SRA3, Custom size possible
Paper size (Min)
Width 206 mm / 8.1” Length 275 mm / 10.8”
Paper size (Max)
Width 320 mm / 12.6” Length 457.2 mm / 18”
Paper weight uncoated (Min)
64 gsm / 16 lb Bond
Paper weight coated (Min)
105 gsm / 28 lb Bond
Paper weight (Max)
300* gsm / 110* lb Cover
*Maximum paper weight extended to 350 gsm / 133lb Cover on certain media
Set size (non stapled folding)
1-2 sheets
Offline use
Power source
100-230V 50-60Hz
Power consumption
Noise emission
* RCT Module only available on the Pro C5200-series

RCT Rotate, Crease, Bleed Trimmer module

Paper size
Same as Booklet Maker
Minimum trimming
5+5 = 10 mm / 0.39”
Maximum trimming
30+30 = 60 mm / 2.36”
Asymmetrical trimming
Power Source
100-230V 50-60Hz

Face Trimmer module

Paper size
Same as Booklet Maker
Minimum trimming
1 mm / (0.0394”)*
*When trimming SRA3 (450 mm) Booklets minimum trimming is 5 mm, when trimming 18" Booklets minimum trimming is 9 mm.
Maximum trimming
25 mm / (0.984”)
Power source
From Booklet Maker
The Trimmer support “multi-cut” operation when hand feeding or in feeder mode with the CF. This allows customers to cut the length of the book down to 105 mm/4.13" from a larger sheet size.

BookFold module

Paper size
Same as Booklet Maker
Set size (stapled folding)
Same as Booklet Maker
Power source
From Booklet Maker

Cover Feeder

Paper size
Same as Booklet Maker
Paper weight (Min)
64 gsm / 18 lb Bond
Paper weight (Max)
250 gsm / 93 lb Cover
Cover Feeder capacity
20 mm / 0.79”: Approx. 200 sheets of 80 gsm paper or approx. 200 sheets 20 lb Bond paper
Power source
From Booklet Maker
The Cover Feeder dimensions are included in the Booklet maker dimensions and will not add to the footprint.

High Capacity Belt Stacker

Stacking capacity
Up to 1000 A4 / 8.5x11” sized booklets of 4 pages


Ricoh MP C6503SP
Ricoh MP C8003SP
Ricoh Pro™ C5200S / C5210S