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Introduced at Print 2017, The 300XLPro large size PUR binder

Introduced at Print 2017, The 300XLPro large size PUR binder

A key product introduction from Morgana. We are happy to introduce the latest addition to our PUR Perfect binder range, the new DigiBook XLPro, which incorporates several new features to address some specific applications we have found in the market.

The first important change to the new model is we have made it a single-phase machine. The previous version required a three-phase power supply, which limited its potential installation to larger print shops and factories that had access to three-phase power. The 300XLPro is now a 32-amp single-phase machine, and this will allow its installation in most commercial premises and print businesses.

The other key change, and perhaps the most significant, is the book format. Several machines of the previous specification were sold with special extended cover kits to allow for the production of books larger than A4 size. We also had a number of requests for landscape A3 or 11”x17” finished size books.

The new 300XLPro now has an even larger cover kit fitted as standard, and can produce books with a spine length of up to 450mm. This provides the ability to produce landscape SRA3 format books, with spine thickness of up to 50mm, thus opening up another whole range of applications.

In addition to these changes, the machine is still equipped with the same hermetically sealed PUR glue application system. This system is the most efficient nozzle system on the market, with fast start-up and shutdown and minimal wastage. It has automatic cleaning and sealing of the head at the end of the production run.

Ray Hillhouse, Vice President, Offline Business Unit, Morgana Systems