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Field Service Engineer (Template)

Field Service Engineer (Template)

Position Summary

To maintain Company equipment on Client sites in the most cost-effective and efficient way, to support this with the relevant administrative requirements and to ensure a smooth working relationship with all Customers and other member of the Service Department. 

Successful Outcome

The success of this role can be measured in key areas:

  • First Visit Completion: Where possible to complete your Service Call at the first visit ensuring the best possible service to our contracted customers.
  • Customer Relations: To ensure that you represent the Company in the way it expects (detailed in the Company Handbook) enabling a long term working relationship between the two parties.
  • Effective Communication: To ensure that the office, work colleagues and client are informed of the relevant information in a timely manner.
  • Accurate Administration: To ensure that all administration is carried out accurately to allow the smooth flow of work, upkeep of records and billing details.
  • Management of Company Equipment: Manage what has been given to you to carry out your job, car, car stock and tools ensuring you are best equipped.
  • Personal training and outlook: To keep up to date with latest developments, make yourself available for relevant training and to maintain a positive attitude.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities (should specifically include):

First Visit Completion:

  • Ensure you have understood the requirements of the Call prior to arrival.
  • Ensure that you have the relevant parts to carry out your Call.
  • Ensure that every effort is made to complete your call to the required standard in a timely manner.
  • Remember the two-hour rule, use the external resources available to assist you.

Customer Relations:

  • Understand the Client expectations and ensure they are carried out, when within the Company guidelines. Any issues should be escalated.
  • Do not contradict what is the Clients belief of the equipment sold, any issues should be escalated.
  • Always represent the Company in a profession manner.

Effective Communication:

  • Ensure that Clients are informed of your estimated time of arrival and updated as required.
  • Ensure that the Service Desk is informed as early as possible to any potential issues.
  • Report back, in writing, any Client concerns or worries

Accurate Administration:

  • Ensure correct charges are added to Calls and that the Client understands them when signing off.
  • Ensure correct, detailed, information is recorded for each Call within the system, include photos where necessary.
  • Ensure Timesheets and Expense Forms are accurate and submitted in a timely manner.

Management of Company Equipment:

  • Keep car roadworthy and legal at all time by ensuring timely servicing, MOT, tyre replacements, etc.
  • Ensure that you have the correct tools for the job and that they are in a good working condition.
  • Ensure that any Car Stocks are up to date, timely replenished and accurately logged.

Personal Training and Outlook:

  • Always relay a positive attitude.
  • Ensure that every effort is made to have a clear understanding of Company policies and expectations.
  • Always follow procedures, as in Company Handbook.
  • Ensure that you highlight any training that would benefit your role.
  • Always be presentable as this is a Customer Facing role.


If you are interested in this position then please forward your CV to: