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Morgana DigiFold Pro addition for ARC, Phoenix

Morgana DigiFold Pro addition for ARC, Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona-based ARC Impressions has recently added a Morgana DigiFold Pro to its range of post-press equipment.

Business owner Tony Cordova (shown right) explained the need for his busy print shop: “The purchase of our DigiFold Pro was driven by the need to score digitally printed materials in-house and improve our folding capability.”

The DigiFold Pro is Morgana’s easy to use, stand-alone, folding and creasing machine. The product has been one of the company’s best sellers since first introduced back in 2001. Morgana DigiFold Pro employs a unique creasing rule and matrix, the DynaCrease, which creases without stopping the sheet giving the highest possible production speeds.

The DigiFold Pro at ARC has replaced a Baum 714 folder, along with the outsourcing of scoring requirements. The benefits of having such a capability in-house are big from a cost perspective, but the time saved from not outsourcing such a task is an even bigger plus for the ARC team.

“This purchase has allowed us to reduce our dependence on outsourcing for scoring services, and allowed us to turn jobs around quicker for our customers,” added Tony.

With regard to the purchase decision Tony said: “We considered all of the different product offerings and concluded that the combination of quality scoring and folding in one device from Morgana provided the versatility we needed.

“On top of that, it’s all about ease of use, along with capability and speed. Most importantly, this purchase has allowed us to reduce our dependence on outsourcing for scoring services and allowed us to turn jobs around quicker, meaning a faster delivery to our customers.”

Tony Cordova is also delighted with the performance of his latest purchase: “The DigiFold Pro has operated for us with consistency and minimal maintenance.  The quality of this device along with performance has generated a confidence for us in Morgana products.  We would not hesitate to purchase Morgana products in the future because their quality, performance, and dependability are already proven.”

Despite the efforts of competitors, the DigiFold Pro is still the market leader in its sector and the product of choice for a great many digital printing professionals. The patented creasing technology sets this machine apart from the rest, still giving it an edge in the world of finishing for digital print.

The product can be used as an integrated creaser/folder, performing both functions in one pass; as a stand-alone creaser when folding is not required; or as a perforator when this finish is required.

A maximum sheet size of 27.5″ x 15″ (35.4″ x 15″ with optional extension table) allows for a wide range of jobs to be produced. Morgana has managed to increase throughput speed to over 6,000 A4 sheets/hour, yet maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm.

About ARC Impressions

The impending arrival of a child led to Tony and Ruby Cordova to take the extensive knowledge that they had gained in the packaging industry and make that huge leap of faith in opening their own business. In 2001 they opened their own printing company, ARC Impressions in north Phoenix – the name simply reflects their own initials.

From its inception, Tony and Ruby wanted customers to receive the best value. They wanted their clients to know they could rely on ARC for advice and guidance on how each project could best be created to meet budgets, visual appeal, worry-free production, and on-time delivery.

To truly meet clients’ needs meant ordering one-stop processes, and ARC has built a business that focuses on problem-solving and seamless production. Along the way, Tony developed ARC’s packaging production capabilities, working with his manufacturing contacts around the country. With their daughter, Alexis, now grown, Tony is often traveling to packaging vendors to ensure every step goes smoothly.

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