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Technical documentation writer and leader based in Stockholm

Technical documentation writer and leader based in Stockholm

What you will achieve

You will be working as a team leader for the technical documentation department of a world leader company within the print industry. The two areas of focus you will be working on are: creating the team’s schedule as well as creating and maintaining documentation that meets organizational standards. Your role will include an active contribution to the actual creation of the documentation.

How you will achieve it

You will develop work plans and schedules to ensure the team is working efficiently and effectively. You will gradually learn the Plockmatic systems and the logic behind their functionality to create and proofread work. In parallel to creating the work plans for the team, you will also be contributing to the development of these documents. By having a passion for physically taking machines apart, studying them and reconstructing them to understand how they work and be serviced, this would make you a good fit for this position.

The working environment

You will oversee day-to-day operation of the team, which is currently composed of four members. The team is based in Sweden, United Kingdom and Latvia.  A key element of this role is effective communication and alignment with internal and external stakeholders: you will constantly be in touch with research and development, internal and external technical support, and product management. You will be working in a friendly and dynamic environment, where team building activities and sport activities are generally well promoted by the Plockmatic group.

Who we are

Plockmatic Group develops, manufactures, and markets an extensive range of document finishing systems sold under the Plockmatic and Morgana brands. These products work inline or offline in the world’s best digital printing systems and are sold and distributed through strategic OEM partners, via direct sales, local dealers and distributors.

What is needed to succeed

  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Good organizational skills
  • Experience as technical writer
  • Team leader
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud or comparable platforms
  • An understanding of electro-mechanical systems