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50 Year Anniversary

Plockmatic celebrates 50 successful and innovative years

This Drupa year of 2024 marks a significant milestone for the document management company Plockmatic, which celebrates half-a-century of innovation and success in the post-press market.

Since formation in 1974, Plockmatic has continually evolved and has introduced several ground-breaking technological advancements and solutions. With a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Plockmatic has established itself as a leading player in post-press document finishing.

From small beginnings

Founder Terje Söderberg acquired a patent for a sorting machine and, together with two partners, began building prototypes in a laundry room! The company soon expanded its range with new products such as staplers, folding machines, and various types of picking machines. The business expanded to larger premises in Essingen, and Plockmatic had arrived.

By 1976 the business had 30 employees and was looking to expand into international markets. Exhibiting at the CeBIT show in Hannover was a crucial milestone for the company, where it connected with competitors, printer suppliers, as well as potential agents and distributors.

Today Plockmatic is best known for its booklet makers. Its first such product was developed in 1985 and was capable of handling up to 20 sheets in both A4 and A3 formats, opening-up a market for organisations needing to produce smaller quantities of booklets.

The collaboration with print engine manufacturers began with Xerox, who took notice of the new booklet maker. A Xerox engineer was sent from Rochester to inspect the Plockmatic company and prepare them to become TQM and TQS approved. The first machine sold was a standalone offline booklet maker, but designed to appear as a Xerox product, with its characteristic grey colour.

By the late 1980’s discussions had begun with Xerox to create the first inline products. Becoming TQM/TQS certified also began to open new opportunities.  Plockmatic was contacted by Ricoh, and they were soon followed by several other developers of digital printers. Today, Plockmatic collaborates with most of the leading printer companies operating in the digital print world.

Supply chain becomes the core business

As production volumes increased the decision was taken to insource assembly, leading to Plockmatic’s own factory in Latvia. Parallel to this move, a supply chain organization was built up with subcontractors in the Baltics to other suppliers in Asia.

This year Plockmatic created a new assembly plant in Riga, Latvia – its third factory in 23 years. The new factory is built entirely according to Plockmatic’s specifications, enabling continued efficient processes, with sustainability as a guiding principle.

Continued growth

Plockmatic International’s CEO Jan Marstorp has continued to expand the business, together with Salvatore Grimaldi, who acquired Plockmatic in 2005 from founder Terje Södeberg through the establishment of its own subsidiaries and corporate acquisitions.

Expansion has happened for Plockmatic through the establishment of the company’s own subsidiaries and through the acquisitions of other existing post-press businesses, including UK suppliers Morgana, Watkiss, and Intec, plus the Italian perfect binding business of KGS.

In 2006, the first step was taken for the creation of the company’s own American subsidiary, PDF Inc, which has been followed by several new subsidiaries in other markets.

Plockmatic Group – the Solution provider

Plockmatic Group, with the brands of Plockmatic and Morgana, was promoted at Drupa 2016. Since then, expansion through acquisition has created an even wider product range. With the development of its own and acquired technologies Plockmatic Group has a strong product range for the post-press market of today.

Perfect finishing for today and tomorrow

Booklet Making | Folding and Creasing | Cutting, Creasing and Slitting | Coating | Perfect Binding | Laminating | Foiling

Plockmatic Group is the preferred manufacturer of production booklet making systems for the leading suppliers of digital print engines. This, along with an extensive range of finishing equipment means that we have a solution for all applications.

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