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Fast Fiery Finishing from the Plockmatic Group and EFI

Fast Fiery Finishing from the Plockmatic Group and EFI

Plockmatic Group has collaborated with EFI to develop a time-saving

integration between Fiery driven print engines, Fiery workflow

software, and Morgana and Plockmatic finishing devices.

A variety of templates are now available in Fiery Impose for the most common jobs, such as business cards or postcard. Customers are continually seeking ways to cut production time on printed jobs whilst increasing profitability, this is our latest automated solution to assist users in finishing regular work – saving time, ensuring accuracy, speeding up production, and therefore increasing profit on the job. This method enables you to save up to 70% in set-up time.

The AutoCut Pro is a multi-function finishing device for cutting, slitting and creasing. This unit has been designed for busy digital print shops that have a need for high speed creasing and trimming for a wide range of products, including business cards and promotional products. The finishing templates come pre-set with measurements in both metric and imperial measurements for the margins and gutters, as well as finished sizes. The templates use cut registration marks that let the AutoCut Pro compensate for image shift automatically without manual intervention during the production run.

The tri-suction feeding mechanism can handle paper weights from 120 to 350gsm, whilst sheet sizes can range from 210 x 210mm to 330 x 700mm in length. The AutoCut Pro has a double feed detection sensor to avoid wasting valuable printed stock, as well as a skew adjustment facility and a cut mark sensor capable of reading any image drift to ensure a consistent finish without the need for operator intervention.

250 business cards can be finished in less than two minutes, with running speeds of up to 5,000 sheets per hour on standard creasing applications, this makes the AutoCut Pro one of the most easy to use and efficient devices on the market.

View the user guide and templates here