Morgana AutoCut Pro

Highly accurate cutting, creasing and slitting.

Today’s digital presses are more powerful than ever and the need for finishing technology that turns this power into great applications is essential. The Autocut Pro delivers the benefits of three functions in one – highly accurate cutting and slitting and high speed creasing in an easy to use system.

If you are looking to make the printed page stand out in new ways and if you’re using a wider range of media and working with new, larger formats then the AutoCut Pro combined with Morgana’s AutoFold Pro module easily turns long sheets into applications such as beautifully finished six panel brochures.

Business Cards & Postcards

The AutoCut Pro can run at speeds up to 5000 sheets per hour on standard creasing applications and a run of 250 business cards can be finished in less than two minutes, ready to pack and ship. The optional belt stacker, on the other hand, enables longer unattended operations.

Turning Long Sheets into Profitable Applications

The AutoCut Pro’s unique capabilities enables you to cut the lead and trail edges, bleed trimming the top and bottom, creasing and when linked to the AutoFold, the ability to fold the finished documents.

To make handling long sheets easier, you can use the Multi-Purpose Stacker (MPS), which can now attach to a growing number of popular digital presses. Sheets fed into the MPS can easily be moved to the Autocut Pro. Simply load the sheets into the feed tray, and the patented tri-suction feeding system goes to work to efficiently produce your finished jobs.

Working Together

The Plockmatic MPS, the Morgana AutoCut Pro and the AutoFold work together to create today’s on-demand applications, such as A4 landscape, trifold and gatefold brochures as well as more traditional applications like postcards and business cards more economically than ever.

    Technical Specifications

    Basic function
    Slit, Cross Cut, Crease, High Speed Crease only mode
    Paper size (max)
    330mm / 13" (W) x 700mm / 19" (L)
    Paper size (min)
    210mm / 8.3" (W) x 210mm / 8.2" (L)
    Minimum finished work size
    85mm / 3.3" (W) x 50mm / 1.9"(L)
    Paper weight
    120gsm / 32lb bond - 350gsm / 130lb cover
    4” touch screen
    Job memories
    Preset job / customized job
    Feeding mechanism
    Upper belt tri-suction feed system
    Skew adjustment
    Side Aligner
    Double feed detection
    Cut mark registration

    Technical Specifications

    Max pile height
    100mm / 4"
    21 up business cards 8 sheets / min.
    8 up post cards (SRA3): 10 sheets / min.
    2 cut 2 slit, 1 crease (A4): 15 sheets / min.
    1 crease (A4): 50 - 100 sheets / min
    Cutting tolerance
    +/- 0.2 / 0.007" - 0.3mm / 0.011”
    Dimensions (LxWxH) (approx)
    790mm / 31” x 840mm / 33” x 1090mm / 43”
    Footprint (LxWxH) (approx)
    790mm / 31” x 1600mm / 63” x 1090mm / 43”
    NET Weight (approx)
    200kgs / 440lbs
    Power supply
    100 - 120v 50/60Hz