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Parts & Consumables

Please download the relevant parts manual from the Customer Centre or go to the product page and download a parts manual. Once you have the parts manual, please select your part number prior to calling or emailing.

For UK Parts & Consumables please fill in the form below or call 01908 444076. 

Alternatively you can fax your request on 01908 444006

If you already own Morgana document finishing equipment why not be kept up-to-date with the latest technical information, upgrades, safety bulletins and special offers. Register the details of your machine(s) today.

Your document finishing equipment plays a crucial role in the overall profitability of your business. If it fails, you lose valuable production time and money.

It may surprise you to learn that a high proportion of breakdowns occur as a direct result of fitting non-original parts, or inferior consumables! Saving a little money initially may lose you production, profit and perhaps even a client. That’s why Morgana supply only branded parts and consumables guaranteed by the manufacturer to work with their equipment.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of document finishing equipment we are committed to the support of all our equipment in the field and to you our valuable customer.

We have invested heavily in spare parts and consumables stockholding. We use modern logistics systems to process your order quickly and efficiently. Our parts and consumables are competitively priced and the majority of orders are processed and dispatched the same day and carry a full satisfaction guarantee.