DigiCoater Pro 400

DigiCoater Pro 400

UV coating gives the perfect finish that enhances, protects and adds value to your printed sheets.

UV Coating is rapidly being adopted as a means to enhance, protect and add value to your digital and litho printed documents. The application of a gloss UV Varnish can be used enhance the print quality, making colours appear richer and more vivid, as well as offering protection for documents being frequently handled.

UV Coating is widely considered as being a more environmentally friendly alternative to lamination as virtually no waste is produced in the production process. Unlike laminated stocks, which normally should be treated as plastic waste, UV coated stocks can be disposed of, or recycled as normal printed paper would be.

Features and Benefits

  • High definition (HD) gloss levels enabled by the LED technology
  • Dual LED lamp technology for increased flexibility
  • Fully integrated with the Canon printer for optimal job recovery and jam handling
  • Fully automated roller coating module, this makes set up, cleaning and maintenance fast and easy
  • No use of chemicals for cleaning
  • Lowest cost per page in the industry with Varnish
    consumption as low as 2-4 gram/m2
  • Low energy consumption

Main Module – Roller Coating Station.

This is the base unit in the system and is common to all variants.  The module contains the easy to use user interface and the complete roller coater station. The large diameter high precision rollers, ensure enhanced document finish. This fully automated module makes set-up, cleaning and maintenance fast and easy.

HD LED – Curing Station.

This technology is completely unique in the industry at this price point. The HD LED curing station is required for the HD LED configuration, and features the innovative air-cooled LED curing module.


DigiCoater Pro 400

Paper Size (Minimum)
Width 100mm / 3.94” Length 250mm / 9.84”. For smallest paper size inline see iX3200 spec
Paper Size (Maximum)
Width 380 mm / 14.96”. For widest paper size inline see iX3200 spec
Length 720mm / 28.35” (1300mm / 51.18” with long sheet kit)
Supported Media
150 - 600gsm. For heaviest paper inline see iX3200 spec
Speed per min (LED)
Maintains speed of iX3200 printer
Lamp life
20,000 hours
Curing / Drying
Air cooled LED
IR Station
Not needed for inkjet
HD function / Module
Applied coating
2-4 g/m2
3 x 400 V + N + G (EU)
20 amp - 400 V (EU) / 50 amp
Air knife