Plockmatic BLM600

Plockmatic BLM600

Plockmatic BLM600 for Canon

The BLM600 is a streamlined booklet making system for high production environments. It enables you to print and publish on demand with the industry’s leading digital printers.

Full integration with the printer optimises performance and productivity. Printed sheets are delivered from the printer to the booklet maker via a connecting bridge that automatically rotates the sheets into the correct orientation for booklet making to give a professional finish every time.

This system is designed for high reliability and ease of use, with the ability to handle long runs without any operator intervention. Its ergonomic layout means that the finished books are delivered close to the normal operator position, saving space, time and operator fatigue.

With the optional book stacker, the system will run for up to an hour unattended. The high capacity trim bin can be emptied without stopping the machine, and stitch wire refills are reduced by the use of a 15kg wire-­reel that will produce approximately 130,000 books.

The BLM600 is the most versatile inline booklet maker, from folding a single sheet to making 224 page booklets; and it can also be hand­fed for occasional use.

Key Features

  • Makes books from 4 – 224 pages
  • Produces high quality SquareBack™ Books
  • Heavy duty side-loading stitch head
  • Inserts 1 – 6 stitches
  • Fully automated
  • Ergonomic design
  • Small footprint
  • Instant-on, no warm up time
  • Low power requirement

Plockmatic Book Stacker

The Plockmatic Book Stacker (PBS) delivers huge efficiency gains by allowing the and BLM600 to run, unattended, for extended periods.

The PBS stacks the finished books vertically which is extremely space efficient; and it requires very little additional floor space. With a capacity of 930mm, it can run for up to an hour without operator intervention. The stacker can be unloaded on-­the-­run and accommodates different sized books without adjustment to give uninterrupted production.

The PBS complements the booklet maker’s capability for thick books and high volume production by streamlining the entire operation. The operator can set the machine running and simply walk away.

Plockmatic Two-­Knife Trimmer

The PowerSquare Two-­Knife Trimmer (P2T) is a compact module that completes the booklet making process by trimming the top and bottom edges of the book. It provides a professional solution for full-­bleed printed work, especially important for colour printed applications.

Fully automated from the PowerSquare’s user interface, up to 40mm can be trimmed from each end of the book, and the trim position can be offset to match the image position. All trimmings are transported outside the machine to a high capacity external waste box, allowing continuous operation.



Cycle time
Printer dependent
Interset gap
1.0 seconds
Minimum set time
4.2 seconds
Input sheet size (Min)
200 x 200mm
Input sheet size (Max)
353 x 500mm
Paper weight (Min)
Paper weight (Max)
Dependent on paper type and quality


Input sheet size (Min)
207 x 200mm
Input sheet size (Max)
320 x 227mm


Number of stitches
1 - 6 stitches evenly spaced on the spine of the book
Up to 291,500
approx 127,000
*standard book is made from 20 sheets of 80gsm bond paper with 2 stitches

Face Trimming

Minimum trimmed book size
Maximum trimming

Side Trimming

Minimum trimmed book size
Maximum side trim
40mm each side

Stacker Capacity

Standard stacker
35 books*
Book Stacker (optional)
*standard book is made from 20 sheets of 80gsm bond paper with 2 stitches

Canon Compatibility

Canon VarioPrint i300