Plockmatic HCI3500

Plockmatic HCI3500

The Plockmatic HCI3500 is a high capacity interposer for Ricoh production printers.

The module is capable of efficiently feeding a wide range of paper types and weights at the print engine’s rated speed. It’s equipped with a highly automated vacuum feed technology specifically designed to handle the widest range of preprinted media.

The HCI3500 complements Ricoh systems by improving productivity and adding functionality that opens the door to a number of new applications. It also adds flexibility to the overall workflow.

A fully integrated system.

The Plockmatic HCI3500 is seamlessly integrated into compatible Ricoh print engines. The HCI3500 graphical user interface works in conjunction with the existing Ricoh interface, providing the customer with an intuitive, user-friendly operating experience.

Advanced double sheet detection.

Infrared sensors handle and prevent double feeding on standard media. Ultrasonic sensors maximize reliability on extra heavy media and special media such as black or metallic paper, or when running variable pre-printed output from the tray.

Adaptive fan control.

Fan Settings and other critical machine parameters are automatically adjusted based off of paper size information provided by the upstream printer, effectively reducing required setup time and minimizing operator engagement throughout the finishing process. After that the Adaptive Fan Control will monitor the air flow in each tray without the need for manual operator adjustment.

LED paper tray indicators.

The Plockmatic HCI3500 is equipped with LED bars on the front of the machine, indicating the amount of paper available in each tray. The LED indicators make it easy for operators to monitor the current paper status from a distance. Automatic tray switching and the capability to load empty trays while running significantly increase system productivity.

Active anti-static bars.

The Plockmatic HCI3500 can be equipped with optional high voltage anti-static bars. This will enhance performance of downstream finishing devices in static environments under extreme conditions.

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HCI3500 Specifications

Number of trays
Loading capacity
3500 sheets of 80 gsm plain paper
Double feed detection
Optical and Ultrasonic sensors
Active Anti-Static bars

Paper Specifications

Paper types
Plain, Index, Coated paper
Max. paper size W x L
350 x 660 mm / 13.8" x 26"
Min. paper size W x L
120 x 210 mm / 4.7" x 8.3"
Max. paper weight
350 gsm / 133 lb Cover
Min. paper weight
65 gsm / 18 lb Bond


1200 mm / 47"
700 mm / 28"
1100 mm / 43"
250 kg / 551 lb