PowerSquare™ 160 for Konica Minolta

PowerSquare™ 160 for Konica Minolta

Inline PowerSquare™ 160

An open-architecture, complete booklet making system that staples, folds, forms and trims in a single pass to produce added value SquareBack™ books.

The all NEW PowerSquare™ 160 is specifically designed to meet the growing application requirements in mid to high volume digital printing and finishing operations.

The booklet maker combines optimum book quality with robust and reliable performance. All the key processes needed to produce high quality booklets: stapling, folding, spine forming, and face trimming are combined into one compact system.

Together with Konica Minolta’s latest print technology, you can produce a wide variety of book formats – including A4 landscape. Booklets are enhanced with the SquareBack finish to provide the professional look and feel of a perfect bound book.

SquareBack Booklets

The booklet is a great way to tell a story. And the need for high quality booklets on a wider range of media is growing fast. The PowerSquare™ 160 delivers booklets finished with the unrivaled SquareBack finish.

SquareBack books can carry print on the spine, just like a perfect bound book, making it much easier to handle, and more efficient to stack and pack. And the books look great.

PowerSquare™ P2T 2 knife trimmer

The PowerSquare™ Two-Knife Trimmer (P2T) is a compact module that completes the booklet making process by trimming the top and bottom edges of the book after it’s made. This reduces workflow steps by eliminating pre or post press trimming on a guillotine.

It’s a professional solution for full-bleed printed work, especially important for colour printed applications.

User Interface

The PowerSquare™ 160 has a state-of-the-art control system with an interface organized as series of tiles to manage machine functions. Even inexperienced operators can get up to speed quickly. The control system also contains extensive service and diagnostic systems which can be remotely accessed for preventative maintenance, fault analysis and system monitoring. The result is higher productivity and uptime.

Optimum Quality Stapling

The PowerSquare™ 160 features a low impact stapler cartridge system. Staples are supplied in cartridges of 5000 and are easily changed in a few seconds. The cartridges feature extra high tensile steel staples to ensure perfect results on a wide range of coated and uncoated stock.
The staple pitch is automatically adjusted depending on book thickness.

Monitored Paper Flow

A unique paper transport system with constant position monitoring ensures accurate and consistent paper handling. This ensures optimal sheet management and fold quality from start to finish – important when processing long sheets.

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Basic Specification

Paper Size
200 x 200mm to 370 x 620mm
7.87” x 7.87” to 14.56” x 24.4”
Finished Book Size (Including face trimming)
120 x 78mm to 370 x 305mm
4.72” x 3.07” to 14.56” x 12”
Stock Range
60 - 400gsm* / 17 - 105 lb Bond*
*Dependent on paper type and quality

Book Thickness

Minimum set thickness
1 sheet 80gsm (when folded makes an 4 page leaflet)
1 sheet 20 lb Bond (when folded makes an 4 page leaflet)
Maximum set thickness
4mm (approx 40 sheets 80gsm)
0.16” (approx 40 sheets 20 lb Bond)
Maximum finished book thickness
8mm (approx 160 pages 80gsm)
0.32” (approx 160 pages 20 lb Bond)

2 low impact staple heads
Staple Pitch
Auto-adjusting, range 105-150mm / 4.2”-5.9”
Staples per cartridge
User Interface
New generation tile-based with remote diagnostic capability
Face trimmer
Face trimmer range
Up to 28mm / 1.1”
Square folding
Bleed trimmer
Optional P2T Two-Knife trimmer
Bleed trimmer range
Up to 40mm / 1.5” each side of the book
Integrated in bridge unit for smaller sheet sizes (A4/SRA4)
Compatible rotation sizes
A4, SRA4, 8.5x11” and 9x12”
Compatible print engines
AccurioPress C14000 Series
AccurioPress C6100 Series
AccurioPress C3080
AccurioPress C83hc
Compatible interfaces
Konica Minolta RU-518