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Komfi Amiga 76

Komfi Amiga 76

Suitable for digitally printed output
Flexible solution for processing of small as well as middle-volume jobs
Output: 4300 A4 sheets/hour (basic variant), 8000 A4 sheets/hour (feeding head)
Special functions to protect digital prints against damage
Machine function to facilitate lamination of sheets in range 350-600 g/m2

Basic configuration

Bottom suction feeder with possibility of adding the sheets continuously
Automatic sheet overlap control
Laminating cylinder heated by infrared heater
NBR rubber pressure roll
Automatic sheet separation using built-in perforator
Combined decurling unit (bar and roller)
Electronically controlled snapping unit
Tilting unloading table


Komfi feeding head
Film slitter
Additional perforator on film reel
Polyurethan pressure roller
Pressure roler with a special non-stick surface finish
Antistatic bar
Jogger table
Automatic Amiga built-in stacker
Film loading equipment
Pallet and film loading equipment
External embossing equipment
External stacking frame
Preventive Maintenance Spare parts Kit


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