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Komfi Junior 36

Komfi Junior 36

Hand-fed B3 laminating machine for processing small orders
Compact simple solution providing industrial quality of lamination with maximum cost effectivity
Suitable for digitally printed output
Application: brochures, flyers, business cards, book & magazine covers etc.
Output: up to 1500 A3 sheets/hour
Wheels for easy movement of the machine
Due to small footprint and 230 V power supply ideal for small or digital business

Basic configuration

Manual sheets feeding onto the belts of the feeding table,
Automatic sheet overlap control with possibility of disconnection (protection of print),
Laminating cylinder heated by IR heater,
NBR rubber pressure roll,
Automatic sheet separation using built-in perforator and unique tilting separating mechanism,
Combined decurling unit (bar and roller),
Fixed unloading table.


Film slitter,
Additional perforator (on film reel),
Pressure roller with a special non–stick surface finishing,
Preventive Maintenance Spare parts Kit.