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Komfi Sagitta 52/52web/76

Komfi Sagitta 52/52web/76

Laminator for flexible processing orders up to B1 sheet format
Robust and reliable solution for on-demand as well as commercial lamination
Working speed up to 50 m/min
Automatic sheet feeding via Komfi designed feeding head, sheet feeding from pallet
Laminating cylinder heated by 5-zones electrical resistance heating system
Automatic sheet separation using perforator or rotating knives
Application: medium and high volume orders
Suitable for non-stop run

Basic configuration

Automatic feeder – feeding from pallet
Komfi-design feeding head
Automatic sheet overlap control
Laminating speed up to 35 m/min
Laminating cylinder heated by 5-zones electrical resistance heater
Polyurethan pressure roll
Mechanical unwinding shaft
Automatic sheet separation using built-in perforator
Snapping unit pneumatically controlledJogging table

Productivity package

Speed up to 50 m/min
Air shaft
Rotating knives instead of built-in perforator
Film slitter
Additional perforator
Built-in perforator
Processing sheets up to 600 g/m2
Antistatic bar
Automatic stacker (stacking onto pallet)
High feeder & stacker 120 cm (Sagitta “H”)
Embossing unit (Sagitta Embossing)
External stacking frame
Film loading equipment
Preventive Maintenance Spare parts Kit