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Morgana PowerSquare™ 224VF booklet maker

Morgana PowerSquare™ 224VF produces booklets up to 10mm / 21″ thick

The Morgana PowerSquare™ 224VF booklet maker with its high capacity dual bin feeder offers a flexible solution for a wide range of booklet types and sizes. The system is fed by the VFX vacuum assisted feeder which has a loading capacity of up to 540mm / 21″, giving long uninterrupted production runs. Pre-collated sets can be placed into both bins for longer runs, or covers can be placed into one of the bins when they need to be merged with collated sets. The feeder can also be loaded on the run with automatic bin switching.

Optional barcode readers can be fitted to the VFX feeder for variable page count jobs or to ensure set integrity.

SquareBack™ Booklets

With an ever increasing demand for high quality booklets on a wider range of media the Morgana PowerSquare™ 224 and 224VF will deliver booklets produced with the unique SquareBack™ finish to the spine. The proven SquareBack™ process produces a superior quality finish. The automatic set thickness sensing ensures optimum book quality to deliver professionally finished booklets for you and your customer.

SquareBack™ books can carry print on the spine, just like a perfect bound book and are much easier to handle, stack and pack.

The PowerSquare™ 224 and 224VF booklet makers can produce a wide range of formats including A6, A5 / 4.1” x 5.8”, 8.5”×5.5”,  and A4 / 8.5”×11”. Booklets of up to 224 pages of 70gsm 20lb bond, or up to a thickness of 10.4mm / 0.4” can easily be produced, replacing the need for perfect binding of many publications.

The PowerSquare™ 224VF booklet maker’s  static stitching head and clincher gives consistent alignment and quality

The Morgana PowerSquare™ 224VF booklet maker has a single stitch head which inserts one to six stitches in the spine of the book. The stitch head and clincher are static, the sheets move to the stitch, not vice versa. This means the stitch head and clincher never have to be moved, so alignment and stitch quality is consistently good.

Up to 6 staples can be applied to one set for 2-up or 3-up production, It also features fully automatic settings for different book size and pagination, including variable stitch-leg length for varying book thickness.


PowerSquare™ 224VF Specifications

Input sheet size (Min)
200 x 210mm / 7.8" x 8.25"
Input sheet size (Max)
350 x 500mm / 13.7" x 24.4"
Paper weight (Min)
60gsm / 16 lb Bond
Paper weight (Max)
400 gsm / 150 lb Cover
Book thickness (Min)
Minimum set thickness - 1 sheet 21lb bond (when folded makes an 4 page leaflet)
Book thickness (Max)
Maximum finished book thickness - 0.4” (approx 208 pages 21lb bond, 224 pages 70gsm)
100-230V 50-60Hz

VFX Dual Bin Feeders

No. of bins
Bin capacity
2 x 270mm / 10.6”
Sheet size, max
350 x 660mm / 13.8” x 26”
Sheet size, min
120 x 210mm / 4.72” x 8.26”
Paper weight, max
300gsm / 110 lb Cover
Paper weight, min
60gsm / 18 lb Bond
Centre registration
Air separation
Error detection
Double feed, misfeed, empty bin, paper jam
H1260 x W1017 x D700mm / H49.6” x W40” x D27.6”
250kg / 551lbs