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Zip-A4 Card Cutter

The Zip-A4 cutter/slitter is a unique machine designed to produce business cards and other multiple-up products produced on a variety of printing methods. It uses an adjustable blade cassette to slit the sheet as it passes through the machine. A guillotine cutter cross cuts the sheet as it advances through the machine, driven by the programmable paper drive. The combination of adjustable slitting with programmable guillotine cutting allows common products (like 10-up business cards) to be easily processed in a single pass.


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Maximum Card Thickness
350 g/m2 (0,4mm)
Maximum Cut Size
Maximum Feed Stack
Machine Size
35 x 41 x 28 (h) cm
Machine Weight
24 kg
Program Memories
8 pre-programmed, 2 operator
220 Volts AC

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