Plockmatic Multi-Purpose Stacker (MPS) for Ricoh

Plockmatic Multi-Purpose Stacker (MPS) for Ricoh

Plockmatic Multi-Purpose Stacker (MPS) for Ricoh

As the market evolves towards new applications that require longer sheets, print room operators will need a solution that allows them to stack, handle, and transport these longer sheets efficiently. The Plockmatic MPS is a  flexible, cost-effective stacking solution designed to attach to a range of digital production printing systems.

A4 Landscape Brochure

Cost-Effective Stacking for Long Sheet Applications

The MPS is the only unit that can handle more than a handful of longer sheets (up to 1260 mm long). It also allows for thicker paper stock up to 500 gsm. Some key benefits include:

  • Facilitating paper stacking and handling during the finishing process
  • Eliminating heavy lifting of paper stacks
  • Making it easy for operators to handle longer sheets
  • Enabling easy transportation of paper stacks within the print shop

Optimizing Production Workflow

The MPS provides the link between the printer and the finishing device that will create the complete application, helping digital print providers turn over-sized sheets into profitable applications.

Sheets fed into the MPS can easily be moved to an AutoCut Pro to efficiently produce your finished jobs.

The Plockmatic Multi-Purpose Stacker
The AutoCut Pro attached to the AutoFold Pro

Working Together with Plockmatic Booklet Makers

It is possible for digital print providers to have a Plockmatic Booklet Maker and an MPS in the same configuration. Plockmatic Rail Unit and the MPS/Booklet-Maker Communication Splitter allow operators to easily undock the booklet maker and roll in the MPS to stack sheets.

Using the MPS with a PBM Booklet Making System
Plockmatic Rail Unit

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Basic Specification

Max. Stack Height
375 mm (SR5050 Finisher)
250 mm (Ricoh HCS)
140 mm (over 650 mm long sheets)
Max. Stack Weight
40 kg / 88 lb

Media Specification

Standard Paper Size Support
A4 LEF, A3, 8.5x11" LEF, 11x17", 12x18", SRA3, SRA4 LEF, 9x12" LEF
Custom Size Min. Width
279.4 mm / 11"
Custom Size Max. Width
330 mm / 13"
Custom Size Min. Length
210 mm / 8.27"
Custom Size Max. Length
1260 mm / 49.6"
Paper Weight Support
150 - 500 gsm
*Paper under 150 gsm may be stackable depending on output characteristics of upsteam device
Supported Media
Plain paper, Index paper, Coated paper, Recycled paper, Offset paper, Punched paper

Technical Specification

Dimensions (L x D x H)
900 x 680 x 1060* mm
*Extends to 1410 mm


Compatible Interfaces
SR5050 Finisher
SK5090 High Capacity Stacker
Compatible Print Engines
Ricoh Pro C9200 Series
Ricoh C7200 Series