AeroFold Plus

Fully automatic suction fed paper folding machine

The Aerofold Plus is a belt fed suction feed folder which can fold up to SRA3 size of various types of papers, such as offset, coated, art, digital printed papers and more.

  • Max sheet size: 330 X 488 mm
  • Max paper weight: 160gsm (Single fold : 230gsm)
  • Minimum paper weight: 52.3gsm
  • Folding pattern: single, letter, zigzag, double parallel. fold-out.
  • Maximum folding speed: 15,000/hour

Data Sheet

    Technical Specifications

    Maximum paper size
    330mm (W) x 488mm (L)
    Minimum paper size
    120mm (W) x 210mm (L)
    Maximum paper weight
    160gsm (Single fold : 230gsm)
    Minimum paper weight
    Maximum stacking capacity
    500 sheets (80gsm)
    Folding pattern
    Single, letter, zigzag, double parallel. fold-out.
    Maximum folding speed
    Minimum folding speed
    Speed adjustment
    Adjustable (in 5 steps)
    Paper feeding system
    Upper belt feeding system

    Technical Specifications

    Memory function
    30 slots
    Automatic paper size detection
    A3, A4, A5, (letter, regal, leger – for U.S.)
    Air blowing system
    Built-in blower system
    Paper ejection system
    Conveyer belt (automatic speed setting)
    Length of election table
    Immediate stop function
    Equipped (In case of paper jam)
    Paper ejection roller
    Automatic setting
    1,300W x 600L x 590H mm (in operation)
    AC220 – 240V/50Hz, 60Hz or AC100 – 120 V/50Hz, 60Hz
    70kgs (net)