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Morgana VFX Feeder

Morgana VFX Feeder – A high capacity 5400 sheet vacuum feeder

The Morgana VFX Feeder is a high capacity vacuum feeder capable of efficiently feeding a wide range of paper types and weights up to 15,000 sheets per hour. It’s equipped with highly automated vacuum feed technology specifically designed to handle the widest range of pre-printed media. Maximum productivity is achieved with the Automatic Tray Switching feature, enabling long unattended runs and the loading of empty trays during a run.

The main sections of the Morgana VFX Feeder are the two loading trays. Each tray is equipped with vacuum feed technology and two types of double sheet detection sensors. Each tray has a capacity of 2700 sheets (80 gsm plain paper) for a total machine capacity of 5400 sheets. It is capable of feeding stock up to 660mm long and 355mm wide.

Anti-static bars are available as an optional addition to the machine and are highly recommended for use in static environments or non-climate-controlled environments where humidity is low.

Morgana VFX Feeder

Automatic Tray Switching

Maximum productivity for longer jobs is achieved through Automatic Tray Switching, this enables long unattended runs and the loading of empty trays during a run.

Adaptive Feed Settings

The VFX is equipped with new highly automated vacuum feed technology, specifically designed to handle the widest range of pre-printed media. The Feeder continuously checks the area where the papers are floating and automatically makes adjustments to keep an optimal feeding environment inside the tray during the run.

2D Barcode Reader Kit for the Morgana VFX Feeder

The VFX can be equipped with an optional Barcode reading kit. The barcode kit enables variable page count jobs and ensures set integrity when document accuracy is critical.

The barcode option for the VFX feeder takes the NearLine workflow to a new level. With 2 readers (1 in each tray) every sheet feed is monitored and provides set integrity and feeding information to the booklet making system. Sheets could be feed from both trays and set size could vary anywhere within the booklet makers capability. An ideal solution for financial reports or similar type of documents where each booklet is personalized


Morgana VFX Dual Bin Feeders

No. of bins
Bin capacity
2 x 270mm / 10.6”
Sheet size, max
355 x 660mm / 13.8” x 26”
Sheet size, min
120 x 210mm / 4.72” x 8.26”
Paper weight uncoated, min
64gsm / 16 lb Bond
Paper weight coated, min
105gsm / 28 lb Bond
Paper weight, max
300gsm* / 110 lb Cover*
*350gsm / 130 lb Cover supported on some media
Centre registration
Air separation
Error detection
Double feed, misfeed, empty bin, paper jam
H1260 x W1017 x D700 mm / H49.6” x W40” x D27.6”
250kg / 551lbs