AutoCreaser Pro XL

AutoCreaser Pro XL

The AutoCreaser Pro XL is an easy to use automatic paper creasing system with a cost efficient vacuum top feeder. The unique creasing rule in the AutoCreaser Pro XL eliminates paper tearing and therefore cracking.

The AutoCreaser Pro XL runs at 8,500 8.5″ x 11″ sheets per hour, with no loss of accuracy, making this is our most productive creaser to date. The new AutoCreaser Pro XL takes sheet size of 15’’ x 27.5’’ however a sheet size of 15’’ x 51’’ is possible with the table extension.

The AutoCreaser Pro XL is equipped with a new highly automated vacuum feed technology specifically designed to handle the widest range of media. The Feeder continuously checks the paper float zone and automatically makes adjustments on the fly. This is an industry first for a product of this class and ensures highest feed reliability. Operators of all skill levels can get the most out of the AutoCreaser Pro XL.

Cracking is always a risk when folding digitally printed output.
Morgana’s creasing technology is designed to deliver the perfect fold, without cracking, It is equally effective in dealing with printed card, laminates or cross-grained stock.

Key Features

  • Edge registered vacuum top feeder with an outstanding load capacity of 7.8”
  • New sheet separation controlled by optical sensor array –
    automatically adapts to different media, weights and types
  • Automatic feeding parameter selection based on paper size and thickness – simplifies set up regardless of operator skill
  • Ultrasonic double sheet detection
  • Table extendible up to 51’’ to support popular longer sheet applications
  • Powerful creasing unit can accept standard and narrow creasing blades as well as optional cross perforation blades
  • Optional second creaser enables up/down creasing in one pass
  • Simplified adjustments and blade changeovers without special tools
  • Inline rotary perforation
  • Optional cross perforation unit available

AutoCreaser Pro XL with intuitive user interface

The new intuitive User Interface controls all the main functions of the AutoCreaser Pro XL. Using the screen is simplicity itself. Key in the sheet length (popular sizes are pre-set), touch the fold type for the finished product (letter, gate etc.) and press enter. The AutoCreaser Pro XL will automatically calculate where the creases need to be and set them accordingly. All settings and adjustments are made using the user interface so operation couldn’t be easier. An alpha-numeric memory allows an unlimited number of jobs to be stored and named as you choose.

Any changes to the feed method, crease position and engineering settings are all made through the user interface which has been developed and designed to make the AutoCreaser Pro XL easy to operate. You’ll process more jobs in less time.

And now with Perforation…

Rotary perforation comes standard on the AutoCreaser Pro range with a wide variety of wheels available to suit all requirements. An optional cross perforating unit can be added for more complex jobs, and multiple perforation layouts can be achieved with the cross perforation option.

AutoCreaser Pro XL